Testimonial #9

We hired Fitzsimmons Design to design and install a completely new kitchen and powder room. The project involved removing walls, relocating doors, moving plumbing, heating and electrical in addition to the usual kitchen cabinet, counter top and appliance installation. We also had many unique design features that we wanted included, such as installing a system to hide computers, printers and scanners in some of the kitchen cabinets. There was extensive construction and electrical work involved. We had previously done a similar kitchen remodel in another state and had high expectations for this project. Now that it is complete we are thrilled with the design – it is a very functional kitchen where multiple family members can work at the same time. All the complex electrical, network and sound systems we requested function as designed – no small accomplishment. The powder room is beautiful. We were a little hesitant initially about some of the color choices, but now that it is finished it is perfect.

We have more remodeling projects for this house and it is our hope to be able to continue our relationship with Fitzsimmons Design.

Judy Guy