Silo Point, Baltimore Symphony Show House

Sail Sketch


The Annapolis Design Firm, Fitzsimmons Design Associates has been chosen to design the Living Room this year. We are hard at work trying to make the main attraction at the Baltimore Symphony Show House this year happen! The Penthouse opens to the Public on April 27th- May 18th. Tickets are available at Details of Design in Annapolis, for $25.00 and are $30.00 at the door.

The girls

This is the room we want!!!!!!!!

The 2-Story, 3-sided Glass Living Room is incredible! When I first walked into the room, I got goose bumps up and down both legs and both arms. It may have something to do with my tiny bit of fear of heights?!  But, as a team we decided to put our bid in on the Living Room Space and conquer our fears. After thinking of the great volume of space in the top half of the room for a week or so I came up with the idea of hanging sails up in the air to create a view from the balcony overlook of boats skimming through the top of the room. Easier said than done!
Yesterday I met Chris at Silo Point with 8 ft. high scaffolding and a 10 foot ladder on top of that to reach the ceiling of the Living Room. We rigged up 3 huge sails and live to tell the tale!

Sails 3 Chris
What do you think? You can see that Chris has no fear of heights! I yelled up to him at one point, “Have you ever  Bungee Jumped before?” He replied that he has not but, would love to in the future. I had that right!

Now that the sails are up, I feel confident that we are under control and will get the project done on time. We have the delivery company all set up, a van rented, and the accents for the space pulled from stock at our Coastal Design Store, Details of Design in Annapolis.

Sails 1

  The Show House Committee asked us to add the Wet Bar area to our  design since no one  wanted to tackle the space. We said sure, and racked our brains to come up with a feature for  the tiny area.  Wait till you see what we schemed up!

The Oar House Bar Sketch
The “Oar House Bar
“I hope that after reading this blog that you are all excited and can’t wait till the Show House opens!
All of our designers will be working the space on the week-ends and a few week days as well.
Come out and visit with us. It’s a great chance to see how Interior Designers work.
Maybe you’ll pick up some great ideas for your own home!

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