MD Green Show House in Process!

The Maryland Green Show House is underway! The two floors are up and the roof is on. The electric has just been run and everyone is getting very excited. Some of the features on the construction are very inovative. The Baldwin Home Group has built the floors of the home with a crisscross floor construction that allows the plumbing and wiring to be run through the floor without endangering the integaity of the building. I have been around construction for quite a while and this is all new to me. I can remember seeing tradesmen that have cut through a floor joist because it was easier to run a duct or a pipe in client’s homes.

Above: The counter tops are very Green and are made of recycled materials and are called ECO by Consentino. The sample on the bottom is the counter top. Very natural colors as you can see.


The Kitchen Area on Walk Through Day

We, at Fitzsimmons Design have stepped up to the plate and agreed to design and furnish the kitchen and eat-in area as well as the Living Room after a designer had dropped out of the Show House.

We met with Mike from Ferguson about the cabinetry they are providing and also stopped by their show room to select the door style. The counter tops are very Green and are made of recycled materials and are called ECO by Consentino.

In my last Blog I explained that in our Living Room we are planning another Chesa-Chic interior for the “Tidewater” style Home designed by Cathy Porple Cherry. The Living Room will have custom built-ins in recycled wood and a rug made up from a patchwork design of orientals redyed . The fireplace wall wil be encrusted with oyster shells and wall washed with recessed lights. The whole effect will be tailored and comfortable as are all of the designs that Fitzsimmons Design is known for.


“Future Focal Point” the Fireplace wall

I am glad to report that Terry, my husband and I have begun to eat the oysters necessary to cover the fireplace wall. We were at our favorite Oyster Bar, “Fins” on Rehoboth Ave. in Delaware and downed a couple dozen. I asked Phillipe, our Oyster Shucker to save some shells for me for the next time I came. We left there with a box full of shells. We are trying to figure out the best way to make sure they do not have any odor when we install them on the wall. So far, we are soaking the shells in bleach. We will probably put them in hosiery bags and run them through the dishwasher a few times. This is going to be a lot of work!!!! Recycling can be labor intensive sometimes but, well worth the effort. All of the waitstaff at Fins want to see a photo of the wall when we are finished.

Next Thursday is Press Day at the House. We are to have our headshots done for the brochure. Robert Andrews Salon in Gambrills has donated a free style and blow out for each designer. It’s nice to be pampered. I will report in next week!

Reporter on the Scene,
Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID