I just want to say how much we love your store.  You really do have a great eye and so many wonderful things.  It was like being in a candy store for us.  It is rather infrequent that we go into a store and resonate this strongly with what we see.  It was great fun just moseying around. (Hey, we also dipped into our pockets!)

We hope to see more of you both.

Details Customer

Gina has been our “go-to” for home redecorating and renovation for at least ten years. One kitchen, one family room, two bedrooms, and a master bath later, she is still the BEST. We aren’t rich and don’t own a million-dollar house, and she works with us to make it the nicest house in the neighborhood. We have unhesitatingly recommended her to everyone who asks us for advice on redecorating or renovation.”


This was our second time working with Gina in a second new home. As we have said during and at completion of decorating a total of 8,000 Sq Ft with Gina since 2007 – “Gina gets it!!” She is truly gifted in designing spaces and augmenting what is already there. The detail presented to each room was perfect. Choices of wall colors/treatments, window treatments, tile, plumbing fixtures and even redesigning a new master bath were all spot on. To finish – Gina created from bare walls a truly beautiful and luxurious home environment for us to enjoy.”

Sue Parry

We have worked with Gina on a number of different projects – living room, dining room, kitchen, family room. She listens carefully and never fails to create a design that captures our style and specific requests. She is both talented and professional and we would highly recommend her.”